Design System Management
Year | 2018
Client | Western Colorado University  

Role | Design Management, Brand Management and Strategy
Contributors | 
Graphic Designer 

Objective | In the Summer of 2018 I initiated the need for an in-house template based design and publishing platform to help empower campus clients to design branded university print and digital materials individually. Our campus struggled with following brand alignment with in-house marketing materials and our team was having challenges managing smaller print project requests in addition to our workload with enrollment projects.

Result | After comprehensive research and comparing two different softwares I advocated for the software, LucidPress. After receiving support for the software from the Marketing Communications Department I was tasked with launching the new tool to our top 10+ campus clients. My staff Graphic Designer and myself were able to execute two training sessions and develop templates and workflow systems for our users in an effort to develop stronger brand alignment and empowerment across the University.

Outlined below are samples of the software organization in LucidPress that I initiated and developed.


In addition to developing the information architecture and organization for this product I was tasked with leading the development of six starter templates for our top 10 campus clients.

I directed two brochure designs, two poster designs, and one flyer for our campus client starter package. These designs were built to be used efficiently and effectively for users. Samples of the template assets are below.