Magazine Design
Year | 2018
Client | Western Colorado University 

Role | Art Director and Designer

Contributors | Director of Alumni Relations, Assistant Director of Marketing Communications, Editorial Board, and Graphic Design Team

Objective | In 2018 I was responsible for managing the redesign of the Western Colorado University Alumni Magazine. This project required a complete reorganization of the magazines content and themes between the Summer and Winter issue while executing clear and cohesive brand alignment and institutional pride and nostalgia. In the Spring of 2018 I worked alongside the Assistant Director of Marketing Communications and the Director of Alumni Relations to develop a design and organization for the publication that reinforced excitement and interest within the Western alumni community.

Result | In November of 2018 our team completed the redesign of both the Summer and the Winter issue of The Westerner for the 2018 academic year. Over the year we were able to reach over 26,000 alumni and received positive engagement and feedback.