Website Design
Year | 2016
Client | NOLS

Role | Graphic Designer 

Contributors | Creative Director, Senior Graphic Designer, Graphic Design Team, Web Content Administrator, Senior Writer, and Web Developer

Objective | During the NOLS rebrand the Creative Department was tasked with assisting with the execution of the redesign of the NOLS website. Over the course of 6 months, I worked with a large team of designers to update several pages on the new NOLS Website. The goal of this project was to design the new pages on the web with prospective students in mind; creating clean, engaging and user friendly experiences. Myself and four other designers used a custom content management system to design several pages on the website that embodied the new design and brand. 

Result | After the launch of the new website design NOLS received positive reviews for the change in addition to the execution of the new brand and organization of the website. In a review from Elevation Outdoors, John Gans the Executive Director of the school said, “Updating the website aims to ensure our relevance in today’s fast-moving world as well as better serve prospective students who are unfamiliar with NOLS.” Read more about the positive changes to the NOLS website here.